Why Invest In Africa?

Why Invest In Africa?

Business For Africa is dedicated to opening lines of communication and business partnerships between the United States and Africa. We recognize the importance of business relationships and want to provide education, support, and opportunity for entrepreneurs throughout Africa. This is the perfect time to develop such initiatives, as global commerce continues to expand and become more efficient. It can be difficult for startups and new business owners to gauge the best ways to enter the marketplace. We provide the necessary guidance for both US investors and African business leaders.

Founded in 2020, we have sought out the next great investment opportunity. Our expert advisors are well educated and experienced in a myriad of industries. We promote business relationships within the agricultural, manufacturing, financial services, and many other areas of business. We assist investors and entrepreneurs realize the full potential of an opportunity and how they can participate in an upcoming project.

Our strong value system and commitment to excellence ensure that each new business opportunity has a strong chance of success. We support ongoing efforts through leadership and entrepreneurial training programs to further develop business in Africa. Our executive staff wants to share their knowledge and expertise with new business owners and those who do not know how to turn their interest and skills into a lucrative business plan.

US business with Africa has been sporadic since the Colonial era. Today, there is a positive trend toward increased and consistent business relationships between the United States and Africa. The potential for growth is huge and we want to ensure that our customers and partners are able to take full advantage of this upward trend and all the future benefits that come along with this movement.

Despite Economic Crises, African Growth Continues

While countries all over the globe were affected disastrously by the Great Recession, the Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole did pretty well.

One of the reasons for their durability during these tough times is that African economies are not propped up by consumer spending (as in other countries, like the US), but rather by a lot of commodity based industries. Natural resources are a lot more dependable than housing markets that went kaput during 2008.

US borrowers spent the years leading up to Great Recession buying up houses with so little money down. For example, FHA loans only require 3.5% down payment to buy a house in the US. In Africa, with less freewheeling spending, the economy had less of a house-of-cards effect during the crash.

The African resilience during the Great Recession provides investors with hope, even during the COVID-19 economic fallout of 2020.

Understanding The Key Players In Africa Is An Essential Investment Tool

Despite the feeling of confusion that can often plague new investors in Africa, it’s not hard to get familiar by studying the key players. There are several large companies that are established in the field and can help orient new investors in Africa.

We’ve recently posted an article in our blog section with a Who’s Who in Africa. We’ve also included a history of powerful connections between the US and Africa.